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After my sister-in-law and ally had both enthusiastically recommended me the Hello Fresh box, I could not ignore it. So mount to the Hello Fresh site to order one. i used to be somewhat suspicious about it (as with most new things). wouldn’t it really be that fresh, tasty and “easy” ?! Well, I can tell you: I’m up! No worries about your dinner With a person reception who wants to eat low-carb / free food, a toddler son of two. 5 who decides on the spot whether he wants to eat and myself as an anti-stampot woman it’s really a drama within the supermarket hebdomadally. How in heaven’s name do I put together a menu for the three folks during which I also mainly cook healthily? Hello Fresh offers me a solution not producing a menu, but simply receiving it during a beautiful booklet with accompanying ingredients.

Freshly delivered reception

In the supermarket it’s quite hassle to urge everything together for such an excellent meal. And when my son interrupts my look for the tenth time, it sometimes happens that I just forget something. That doesn’t happen anymore, because everything (except for a few oil, salt, etc.) so i do not throw away half afterwards. I desire a top chef The first week was even as exciting because i’m not such an excellent cook and now I suddenly had to “really” start cooking. There was just ginger in my package, Hake fillet and pumpkin. But with the handy recipe book where everything is mentioned intimately, I even managed to make an excellent meal! Cutting the vegetables myself isn’t that bad, I now also enjoy cooking far more. All of a sudden I put a delicious dish on the table every evening, made from all pure ingredients and that i desire a real chef!

Suitable for any age & diet

The meals that I even have made thus far were very tasty and also suitable for our young son. Hubby eats carbohydrate-free twice each day, so he can eat some carbohydrates within the evening. The advantage of Hello Fresh is that the proportions are correct which you are doing not eat more rice or pasta than you would like. additionally we also eat far more varied than before, we all get the nutrients that we’d like. A win-win situation for all folks.

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