What is metabolism and what does it do for your body?

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In many of my articles and in articles by other authors who write about fitness, nutrition and sports, the word “metabolism” is used. Apparently, it is something that is important to us. Therefore an article in which I try to explain it as simply as possible.

Metabolism according to Wikipedia

Metabolism or metabolism (from Greek: μεταβολισμός “metabolism” = change or conversion) is the whole of biochemical processes that take place in cells and organisms. Enzymes play a central role in the conversions. of substances using energy and the breakdown of more complex substances that release energy . The energy that we can then use to move, breathe and keep warm, for example. It actually ensures that our body continues to function. What it does for your body Metabolism has the following functions: The conversion of nutrients into building materials and energy The use of building materials and energy as a source for all biological processes The processing of waste The creation and use of reserves The metabolism, therefore, provides energy but is itself one of the largest energy consumers. The level of your metabolism depends on a number of things. Part of this is hereditary and your ‘fat-free mass’ and your ‘Basal Rest Metabolism’ determine your energy consumption. Your BRM uses approximately 60-70% of all your energy (and therefore kCal). your body the remaining twenty-thirty% If we want to lose weight, then we must at least use that 20-30 % by doing activities, but even better. Read how you can do that in most of my articles on this blog.

What Is Insurance; Types, How to Submit, and Claim Benefits

After making general guidelines regarding banking and loan services, this point AturDuit would really like to present an easy guide to insurance. Kompas website has reported that just one.7% of Indonesia’s population has insurance. this might be because most Indonesians don’t see insurance as a priority. In fact, insurance can provide guarantees, not just for health and life, but also protection for property and even guarantee the longer term. What is insurance? Simply put, we all understand that insurance may be a guarantee program which will pay variety of advantages to the insured if there’s a risk of illness or disaster. As for Article 246 of the mercantile law (KUHD), insurance is an agreement whereby the insurer binds himself to the insured, by receiving a premium for compensation for damage or loss of profit that’s expected to be suffered by the insured thanks to an uncertain event ( suddenly). In the following we’ll introduce the kinds of insurance that are common in Indonesia.

Life insurance

The use of life assurance is to supply insurance to the insured for his death. Please note that the tactic of payment of collateral for all times insurance doesn’t need to await the insured to die. But can also be taken at any time while the insured remains alive. This insurance is extremely important, especially if you’ve got a family or heir.

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